A Message from the CEO


Dear visitors,

I would like to express my gratitude to you for visiting Inpyung’s homepage.

The rapidly changing modem society changes the life and pattern of humans in various ways. Continuous innovation and development are necessary to keep abreast with the environment and be a leader of a new era.

Inpyung focuses on enhancing life environments such as the spaces for housing, business, and leisure for humans.

Inpyung makes all efforts to move ahead by efficiently operating its organizations, focusing on human resources, and improving creative work environments. It also aims to promote the benefits and development of its customers.

Inpyung recognizes that a company can be developed through the success and the happiness of its customers. Inpyung wants to lead the market as a company that pioneered the management of the happiness of people all over the world.

We appreciate your support and hope that all of you will have a bright and abundant future. Thank you.

Inpyung Corporation President
Park, Chun Seon