Hanoi, Vietnam

Inpyung received approval for investment in the downtown region of Hanoi in Vietnam from the Vietnamese government in May 2008. Inpyung will develop 4,500 households in an apartment complex and a 40-floor office, as well as a large-sized shopping outlet. This is the single largest project for a company in Vietnam.


Business Overview
  • Location: Van Phu new urban area, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Use: Apartments, international schools, community facilities for residents, shopping centers, and offices
  • Lot Area: 73,344 m²
  • Total Floor Space: 1,045,562 m²
  • Building Area: 33,870 m²
  • Building-to-land ratio: 44,37%
  • Size: 36 stories above ground level and two basement floors
  • Developer: Hibrand Vina
  • CM/PM Inpyung