Hi Brand

Yangjae Hi Brand, the European Style Shopping Mall.

Hi Brand, a European-style street shopping mall, captures the character and intricate designs of famous international commerce outlets. Professional architecture design experts from various countries participated in the realization of this project, including Yanagisa, who designed a landmark tower in Yokohama Japan, as well as Miyata, a professor at the University of Tokyo. This diverse team created the distinctive design that is now showcased through the Hi Brand shopping mall, uniquely different from local shopping centers.


Business Overview

  • Lot Area: 30,000 m² (9,000 pyeong)
  • Total Area: 160,000 m² (48,000 pyeong)
  • Size: 19 floors and three basement levels (2,000 parking spaces)
  • Constructor: Hanwha Engineenng & Construction Corp.